SEMANAX Reviews & Results [2021]: Have better and stronger orgasms

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semenax review 2021

The most important part of any sexual encounter is the moment you reach an orgasm. Semenax can help you reach better and stronger orgasms, as it helps you produce greater amounts of semen. This will increase not only your sexual pleasure, but also help you please your partner better.

In a market where semen enhancer products are fewer and fewer, Semenax is now one of the biggest brands. Using Semanax you will ejaculate in greatest quantities, improve the semen’s quality, and make your sperm more efficient. This results in having a great performance during sex, and in the end a greatest satisfaction and fertility.

What is Semenax?

Semenax is a new supplement that combines amino acids and other natural supplements to increase sperm quality and quantity. This enhancer will improve the mobility of sperm as well as the volume of semen emission. It can increase your sperm load more than 500% its normal amount. This will give you a greater and longer orgasm that will improve your sexual life. 


What can we find inside Semenax?

Semenax is composed of a great number of ingredients, there are exactly seventeen in the bottle’s label. Of these ingredients many contain a great number of antioxidants, which gives great results on enhancing seminal emissions. Moreover, this list of components offers other benefits to improve your erection, energy and libido. Semenax not only gives you the best health for your semen, but also enhances your body with lots of nutrients. Some of them are:

– Vitamin E (as dl-tocopherol acetate): It is one of the most essential ingredients for producing a healthy sperm. As an antioxidant it protects your body from organic molecules (free radicals).

– Zinc Aspartate (20% Elemental Zinc): Zinc is a nutrient that has the capacity to improve testosterone levels. When combine con Folic Acid, it can increase sperm count in men by 74%.  

– L-Carnitine: This amino acid helps our body produce more energy and helps improve male fertility. It produces benefits such as better endurance during sex and improve erection strength.

– Maca (root): Maca, when consumed in high doses, it can increase sperms mobility, sperm count and increase seminal volume. 

– L-Arginine HCL: The mechanism for getting an erection comes from and increased blood flow to the penis. Ingredients such as L-Arginine are essential for maintaining and improving nitric oxide levels. This way Semenax makes sure you have a thicker and stronger erection.

L-Lysine: L-Lysine can increase semen quality and increase your libido. At the same time there are reports that Lysine can produce bigger and harder erections. This way it can help patients who are suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba (bark): Catauba has a great power to cure anxiety and stress, it is a natural way to relax without feeling sleepy. On the other hand, it can improve virility. Catauba can give you more sex drive and energy, resulting in long lasting and stronger erections.

– Epimedium Sagittatum (leaf): Also known as “Horny Goat Weed.” This Asian leaf can help you improve your sex drive and increase the amount of sperm your body produces.

– Muira Puama (bark): Muira Puama can help control digestive problems, gain focus when you’re awake and improve your sleep quality. In the sexual department it is often known as the “Viagra of the Amazon.” By having this ingredient Semenax helps increase testosterone levels and prevent infertility. 

– Haw: There’s little evidence that this berry can help you increase seminal fluid production. However, this ingredient can help you increase the erection strength.

Bilberry Extract (seed): This ingredient makes Semenax rich in antioxidants, and helps your body fight against free radicals in or bodies. This way it can increase the production of greater quantities and stronger semen.

– Avena Sativa Extract (seed): It is also known as “Wild Oats”. It has great aphrodisiac properties, and the capacity to improve erectile disfunction by increasing your testosterone levels.  

Sarsaparilla (root): This traditional Chinese medicine also takes part as the ingredients of Semenax. It is known for being a powerful aphrodisiac. Other uses include the treatment of STDs and other genital infections.

Swedish flower (pollen): One of the most important ingredients of Semenax. It has the ability to improve fluid emissions when you reach an orgasm, making them more and more intense over time.

Pumpkin (seed): As many other seeds, pumpkin seed inclusion in Semenax is due to its ability to increase libido. It also helps maintain your health and well-being by having lots of fatty acids and vitamins. Because they have greater levels of zinc, Pumpkin seeds can help balance testosterone levels. In the end, it will help improve seminal emissions.

What does Semenax can do for your body?

After reviewing all the ingredients that Semenax has, we can understand all the benefits it can have for our body. The combination of both nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and other natural elements, give Semenax a great number of special properties. Some of them are:  

– Semenax can improve the energy of the sperm, meaning it improves both the activity and mobility of it’s elements.

– Increases the quantity and quality of sperm, making it denser.

– By using Semenax you will increase sexual desire, and at the same time increase the pleasure of your sexual encounters.

– Semenax can help you increase the duration of orgasms. At the same time, it’ll help you gain control of your ejaculation (helpful for people with premature ejaculation).

– It is important to know that here’s little evidence about Semenax helping improve erectile strength or libido. However, by the combination of several of the ingredients used to create Semenax we can assume it. These ingredients increase blood flow and help increase erection strength and improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. 

How Many times a day should I take Semenax?

Before using Semenax it is important that you make sure you are not allergic to any on the ingredients described. If you suffer from any previous medical condition, remember to consult with your doctor. The dose recommended to take Semenax is two capsules daily, in the mornings. You should take the pills on an empty stomach while drinking lots of water. In addition, you must take two daily pills at night after dinner.

Even though Semenax has shown great results in improving sexual performance and semen quality, it is not the only treatment. When consuming Semenax you must always try and make changes in habits and lifestyle. These include:        

– Avoid using substances such that can harm you such as cigarettes, alcohol or coffee.

– Eat lots of fruit and vegetable every day.

– Avoid all foods from animal origin or its derivatives

– Eat natural foods every week.

Are there any Side effects for using Semenax?

Even though it contains only natural resources, there’s still possibilities that you could develop side effects from Semenax. The most frequent are allergies to one of the components, being important that you suspend the medication if you have them.

If you are taking any prescription drugs, please remember to consult with your doctor. This is important as there are ingredients such as L-Arginine that can interact negatively with other medications.

How much does it cost to buy Semenax?

One of the most important questions people always make its where can you find Semenax. Well, it is important that when you buy this supplement always go to the official website .

The bigger it is your order, the more money you’ll save, as the manufacturer offers great deals. One of the biggest deals that you can find on the websites is the free shipping for packages over 150$.

According to the packaging you’ll find different prices for Semenax:

– The one-month supply (containing 1 bottle) goes or 59.95$

– The three-month supply (containing 3 bottles) goes for 154.95$

– The six-month supply (containing 6 bottles) goes for 289.95$

– The twelve-month supply (containing 12 bottles) goes for 399.95$

Semenax Money Back Guarantee

When buying Semenax it is important that you know that it is a safe investment. Semenax offers a money-back guarantee, however you must understand the conditions to classify for this benefit. Semenax guarantee only applies for orders from a three-month supply or over. It does not apply for the one-month supply.  

You can try Semenax for the first 67 days, as it is the duration of the guarantee period. One this time passes you will have a period of seven days to return the product to the supplier.

Overall, Semenax is the best product if what you are looking for is to improve the volume of semen production and get some help increasing your fertility levels. With one of the best prices of the market, you will get the best product, with the option of returning it if you are not satisfied with the results. Semenax not only will help you physically, but also mentally giving you a greater confidence for having your sexual encounters.

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