GenFX HGH Releaser Review: Natural HGH Pills with No Side Effects

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In this GenFX review, you will see why this is one of the best all-natural HGH supplements in the market. It is going to help you to counter the negative changes that occur in your body with age.

Change is inevitable. However, when it is your body changing, you can control how fast the changes occur. You see, these are negative changes where your skin, organs, cells, bodily functions and others start to degenerate.

Because age is such a big deal, there are millions of products in the market that claim to reverse aging. Most of these are fake products masquerading as the real deal. In addition, no product can reverse aging. However, if you choose a good one, it can slow down aging. It can also help you to reverse the effects of aging.

Among some of the top companies that have emerged first in the race to slow down the aging process is Leading Edge Health.

Backed by science going as back as the early 1950s, it has been proven that the decline of HGH levels in the body causes accelerated aging.

Therefore, Leading Edge Health bases its formulations on this premise. Consequently, their products such as HyperGH 14X, Provacyl, GenF20 Plus, and now GenFX help you to age gracefully.

Overview: What Is GenFX?

This HGH releaser supplement is in the form of pills. However, it does not contain the human growth hormone itself. What it does is to enhance the process by which the body produces HGH.

Research shows that HGH secretion in the body declines by up to 10% every decade. Therefore, there is a need to replenish the body’s ability to secrete this hormone. This is where GenFX HGH pills come in.

But just why do you need high HGH levels in the body? First, it is going to increase your metabolic rate. Therefore, your body can burn fat faster.

In addition, this leads to the release of more energy. Therefore, if you work out, you can have the energy and the strength to work out longer and harder.

HGH also enhances the health of your skin. Because it helps in cell regeneration and development, you can get a more elastic and flawless skin.

Other benefits of high HGH levels include better sex life, immune boosting, high quality sleep and many others.

Overall, it is to your best interest to restore your HGH levels. You can do that by using GenFX HGH supplement. It comes in the form of 60 pills in one box. Since it is a formulation of natural ingredients only, there are no side effects to worry about.

GenFX Ingredients

The GenFX ingredients are mainly amino acids and plant extracts. They are blended in world-standard labs using the best extracts so that their nutrients remain intact. Here is a sneak peek into some of the ingredients:


You will find this amino acid in all natural anti-aging products. In GenFX, it is included because of its prowess to release HGH and increase circulation. In addition, it also works hand-in-hand with the other amino acids to stimulate the pituitary gland to release more HGH.


Mainly, the L-Lysine amino acid helps the L-arginine to do its work in a better way. In addition, research has shown that people who were injected with L-Lysine recorded an increased level of HGH in their blood.


This amino acid helps to boost the immunity. In addition, it enhances faster cell regeneration. Therefore, it can help improve the skin. At the same time, it can help in the rejuvenation of your internal organs and improve bodily functions.


Products that contain glutamine help to improve brain health. For instance, they can help increase alertness and concentration.


This one mainly helps in muscle repair and recovery. Therefore, if you work out hard, the tissues must tear up so that as they heal, they can increase in volume. Methionine will help your muscles heal faster so that you can work out again and increase your muscle mass.


L-Valine is going to increase metabolism in the muscles. This powers them up so that you can work out longer and harder. The main benefit of high metabolism is that it releases more energy.

Panax Ginseng

When you have engaged in extreme workout, you need this ingredient because it will help you recover faster. In addition, research shows that Panax Ginseng has a direct impact on the release of HGH.


This amino acid has the ability to help sharpen your cognitive ability. In addition, it enhances alertness, memory and concentration. You must agree that these faculties suffer most when you age.


This is going to improve the way you sleep. One of the side effects of aging is that sleep keeps reducing. In effect, it affects many of the bodily functions. Therefore, you need gelatin because it will help you sleep longer and better.

Anterior Pituitary Extract

This ingredient is processed from the pituitary gland of other animals. It has the ability to stimulate your Pituitary gland to secrete more HGH.

There are more ingredients. As you can see here, GenFX HGH pills are a combination of many ingredients. Each of these helps the body in a different way.

However, collectively, they make this formula that enhances the production of HGH in the body. In addition, L-Arginine helps to improve the circulation. Therefore, when more HGH, testosterone and other hormones are released, they are transported easily to different parts in the body.

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How GenFX Works

This HGH supplement works in a very simple way. By this, we mean that within a few to several weeks of taking this supplement, you should start feeling its positive effects in different areas of your health.

For instance, you should start feeling strong and energetic where you were feeling weak and fatigued. In addition, you should see some improvement in your sexual desire and performance. Basically, here is how GenFX works:

Stimulates your Pituitary Gland to produce more HGH

The natural ingredients in this supplement are going to stimulate the pituitary gland. That way, it can start secreting more HGH. Of course, the mechanics behind this entire process are complex. However, the brain is stimulated to send signals to the pituitary gland of the need for more HGH in the system. Therefore, it increases its secretion of the same.

It increases testosterone levels

While this is not mainly a testosterone booster, it still helps a lot in that regard. On the same note, remember that testosterone also contributes to the growth of the muscles, giving you more energy and enhancing your performance in bed. Therefore, its functions are almost the same as those of the HGH hormone. When the HGH levels in your system rise, the testosterone level also increases.

Boosts immunity and metabolic rate

You can enjoy a huge boost in the metabolic rate and immunity. This has many benefits. For instance, high metabolism means that the cells produce more energy. Therefore, you can exercise harder and longer. This can be very helpful if you want to lose weight.

You have seen that some of the amino acids in the GenFX HGH pills help to increase metabolic rate within the cells. Since fat is a reserve of the excess calories that you consume, when your metabolic rate is high, there is faster metabolism of fat cells. Therefore, with a good workout regimen, you can start rebuilding the same lean muscle mass that you had in your youth.

You will also enjoy a huge immune boost to ward off illnesses. One of the ways that this HGH supplement does that is by enhancing sleep. When you sleep longer and sounder, you can enjoy cell regeneration, immunity boost, skin rejuvenation and other boons.

How To Use GenFX HGH Pills

The manufacturer says that you need to take 2 pills a day. You can take them with water for faster absorption into your bloodstream.

Therefore, since one box comes with 60 pills, that is a supply for one month. However, to see the best results, you should at least use it consistently for 60 days. Therefore, we recommend that you order at least 2 boxes.

On the same note, do not throw away the boxes because you are covered by a money back guarantee of 67 days. You can return the opened and unopened boxes for a refund if you feel that the HGH pills are not helping you, within 67 days of purchasing.

Enhances your sexual desire and performanceBest that you buy it online on official website
You can sleep better and longerYou have to use it for at least 60 days consistently for results
Simple to use 
No side effects because it has natural ingredients 
More energy to work out longer 
Helps you burn fat and build lean muscle 

Where to Buy GenFX

We recommend that you order GenFX HGH pills from the official website only. There, you are going to enjoy various benefits. For instance, the more boxes that you buy, the more discounts you will enjoy.

When you order a 6-month supply, you can save close to $20 over what you would pay for 1-month supply. You can even order a whole year’s supply. Every purchase is covered by a 67-day money back guarantee.


To conclude, most people never find the need to return the GenFX HGH supplement because it works. However, we recommend that you take it for at least 60 days.

After that, you can have a small break and continue taking it again. You see, maintaining the recommended HGH level is a lifestyle rather than a one-off thing.

Do not overdose. In addition, read the user instructions in the provided manual before you can take this supplement.

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