Best Penis Extender Reviews [2021]: Comfortable All Day Stretcher for Men

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best penis extenders in 2020

If you are not content with the size of your manhood, you can get the best penis extender. For men, having a small member really affects our manliness a great deal.

However, this is the 21st century and there is a solution for almost everything, including small penises. Today, with the best penis extender, you can be on your way to becoming the next biggest dick swinger in your block.

Before you ask: do extenders increase erect length? You really need to find out a few things. First, these devices are hugely popular. Therefore, we can only credit their popularity to their success. A penile traction device can help you a great deal.

Now that you know there is a solution, or the best traction device for penile strength, you may wonder how you can get the best one.

After all, the market teems with so many of these devices, all day stretcher et al, and they all claim to be the best!

Therefore, it can be a tough call to reaaaaaaaally pick the top one.

Tell you what though … don’t fret.

Here, we have done all the homework for you. We have carefully selected, investigated and reviewed the 5 best penis extender devices.

Keep reading, you will see everything about their features, safety, where to buy and the pros and cons.

Listed Below are The 2 Best Penis Extender devices on the Market in 2020:


Quick Extender Pro

phallosan forte penile extender

Phallosan Forte

Gains are permanentGood customer service
Increase in both length and widthIncrease in length
Completely painlessEasy to use
Lifetime warranty and Money back guarantee Tested and proven device
Most ComfortableUser manual guidance
Rating: 5/5Rating: 4.5/5

Buy From the Official Website

Buy From the Official Website

Top 5 Best Penis Extender Devices in 2020

Never buy a male extender blindly. Read our reviews to guide you. After all, you only have one member and you do not want to put it at risk. You can try any of the 5 best penis extenders that we have reviewed below:

1. Quick Extender Pro – The Best Penis Extender in 2020

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From the horse’s (manufacturer’s) mouth, we learn that this is one of the best penile traction devices. In fact, on their official website, they say that you can use it to increase the thickness and length of your penis in just a few months.

Quick Extender Pro Overview

The good thing is that with the Quick Extender Pro, the work never stops. This means they are continually working to improve its quality and performance. On the label, we read that this product is made in the USA. Therefore, you can be sure of its quality.

Extending your penile member is not the only thing that it does, because it can also help to correct curvature as well as treat Peyronies. Users are further convinced by the 6-month money back guarantee as well as the lifetime warrant

Lastly, this product is made with medical grade material, including the aluminum. They are hypoallergenic and it poses no risk to your skin.

How It Works

The secret of getting gains from a penile extender is in finding out how it works and knowing how to use it. Luckily, this is a non-surgical procedure and using it at home is not only discreet, but it is also very effective.

There are just three steps to using the Extender Pro effectively. They are as follows:

  • Wear the device

Wear the extender as directed. It will work by pressing and pulling your penile muscles ever so slightly. Don’t worry, there is no pain.

  • Constant penis traction and tissue tears

With constant traction, the tissues in your penis experience minute tears. They are small and painless and they do not cause any pain.

The next thing is that your body starts to repair those tissues, causing growth of more tissue to plug the gaps caused by the tears.

  • Cell division and penis growth

The penis cells start to divide by two to fill the gaps left by the tissue tears. Because this is a natural process, there are no side effects. In addition, the results are permanent.

How To Use Pro Extender

Putting on this penile extender is very simple, but first, trim your pubic hair, prepare the comfort straps by passing them through the foam.

Compress the device gently using your hand and then insert your penis into the extender. On the top glan holes, slide one tube end and in the other hole, slide the second end of the comfort pad.

You can then pull the tubes from the bottom to make the grip firm. You may pivot the device up or down to find the perfect comfort place and then wear your pants. You’re done.

You can read complete review on Quick extender pro here

Gains are permanentPrice is a bit steep
Ensures penis increases in length and widthRequires constant use once you choose program
The process is completely painless 
The extender is comfortable to wear with all types of pants 
Llifetime warranty and money back guarantee of 6 months 

Where to Buy It

You can buy the Quick Extender Pro from the official website. Any time, there is a discount going down so watch out for such deals. You will get an attractive money back guarantee of 6 months and limited lifetime warranty. These two show the kind of confidence that the manufacturer has in this product.

2. Phallosan Forte Review – Best Penis Curvature Device in 2020

Order Phallosan Forte Now from Official Website

To use Phallosan Forte, you encourage the tissues to tear up, create gaps in which case the cells have to divide and form new cells that occupy the gap. Just as you would when working out, the muscles have to tear up so that during the mending process, they can grow.

While we say that there will be tears in the tissues, you will not feel this happening. In fact, this is a painless process of encouraging muscle growth. The only downside, if we can call it that, is that it takes some time to show extender results.

Phallosan Forte Overview

By design, this device is going to extend even force on your penile muscles for all the time that you will wear it. It is backed by many years of research and science and it has been featured in medical journals on urology.

If you want a tested and proven device, try this one. You won’t regret it if you follow the program as recommended.

This penis extender has been featured in a study (see This goes further ahead to establish its credibility in the market.

You can read about this study in the Science Daily. In fact, the study established that a man could increase the length of his phallus by up to 32% if they use the extender for the recommended number of months.

How Phallosan Forte Works

First, for this Phallus extender to work effectively, you need to know how to use it. We will discuss that in the next segment. However, this complete tool comes with a pump, a glass bell, a rubber cap and a tension belt.

This tool works by a process that is referred to as mitosis. In this process, the tissue is forced to break slowly over time. Then the surrounding cells undergo a process where the nucleus divides into two, therefore making two cells out of one cell.

The penis tissues and cells have to multiply in order to fill the gap that has been caused by the breakage. 

Since cells are the building blocks of muscles, when you cause breakage of tissues, the cells have to multiply to repair the broken tissue. This is how you add more muscle to your penis and increase its width and length.

Now, you may think that the tissue breakage is going to be painful, but nothing is further from the truth. Remember, this penis extender works over a long time and so it breaks the tissues ever so slowly.

How To Use Phallosan Forte

We have seen how it works. Now, we shall find out how to use it. First, you have to understand what every part of this extender does. First, there is the rubber strap, which keeps the entire contraption together and keeps it supported.

It has a rubber ring made of foam and it is in this ring where you insert your penis. An adapter connects to the suction bell. As its name suggests, you should insert the penis into the suction bell because that is where cell division is going to occur.

The protector cap protects the head of the penis from tension that is too strong. In addition, a tension clip helps you to adjust the level of tension coming from the belt assembly. Generally, you can use this to make your penis as comfortable as possible.

Just follow the instructions in the user manual and you will be alright.

Medically verified to increase size by 32%Does not increase the width as much as the length
Easy to use – follow user manualTakes 6 to 8 months to show results
You can adjust it until your penis is very comfortable 
You can wear it even when going to work 
Discreet shopping and shipping 

Where To Buy It

You can order this male extender device from the official website. In addition to the price, you will also pay a shipping fee, which will depend on where you want it shipped. Payment methods include AmEx, PayPal, MasterCard and others.

3. Male Edge Extender – Best Selling Penis Extender since 1995!

If you are looking for a comfortable, painless and easy to wear penis extender, you should probably get the Male Edge. This tried and proven tool can extend your member’s size by up to 3 inches, using the penis traction method. Because this is a non-invasive tool for penis enlargement, you can use it for as long as you like without risk.

Male Edge Overview

There is quite a lot to say about this extender. First, it has been designed with a lightweight frame, which means that you can wear it to work or even casually when you are at home.

You just need to wear loose fitting pants and no one is going to realize that you are wearing anything.

Like the other all day stretcher devices that we have reviewed here, this one works by exerting steady but slow stretching on your penis. It is painless!

Now, there are three types of packages available. One is the Male Edge Basic, Extra and Pro.

Male Edge Basic

When your package is delivered, make sure it contains the enlarger itself, a ruler, the product box (inside the delivery box), rubber strap, official program and 1 spare rubber strap.

Male Edge Extra

This one contains the enlarger itself, a ruler, the product box (inside the delivery box), rubber strap, official program, 2 spare rubber straps and 1 protection pad.

Male Edge Pro

The Pro package contains the enlarger itself, a ruler, the product box (inside the delivery box), rubber strap, official program, 4 spare rubber straps, 2 protection pads, 1 cohesive gauze and an instructional DVD.

How Male Edge Works

This is not different from the other penis traction extenders that we have discussed here. We could say that this device works effectively to increase girth, length and even correct curvature. But no, that would not be enough.

If you want your biceps to increase in size, what do you do?

You hit the gym hard and you lift weights. You do it consistently too. However, there is a very important phase in the entire workout regimen. This phase is called recovery/resting. You will see why it is so vital.

With forced traction, your tissues develop microscopic tears and gaps. Don’t worry, we promised you this thing is not going to make you feel pain.

Now, the body cells undergo a process called mitosis, where the cell nucleus divides into two, so you have 2 nuclei.

Therefore, out of two cells, you get one. Now, imagine that this multiplication is happening across millions of cells, which are also the building blocks of muscles. You have new tissues forming to occupy the gaps left by the microscopic tears.

Pretty simple, huh?

Back to the resting phase, this should be at night. You don’t want to keep extending your tissue without giving it time to recover.

How To Use Male Edge Penis Extender

First, measure the length of your flaccid penis and note it somewhere.  Secondly, follow the instructions in the user manual keenly. Thirdly, place the comfort pad on your penis’ head such that the head of the penis is under the strap.

A ring goes to the base of the penis and then two arms connect the head support and the base ring. These two arms run on the sides of the penis.

After placing it correctly, you will feel some tension in the penis. However, this is comfortable tension since the penis traction has now started.

You can wear your loose fitting trousers and go to work. Removing the extender is simple; just unclick it. Wearing it again will be equally simple.

You can wear it anywhereResults will take months
It can be used on all penis sizes 
Non surgical and no pills to enlarge your penis 
Sold with a warranty of 12 months 
Comes with a travel bag 
Select from 1200g, 2000g or 2800g of pressure to exert on your penis 

Where To Buy Male Edge

Buy this product on the official website. The prices vary for the basic, extra and pro packages, but they are more affordable than most other extenders in the market.

You also get a 12-month warranty and the parts can be bought from the official website. Shipping fees apply. Discreet shopping and delivery in a plain box is assured.

4. Jes Extender – fastest penis extender?

As you look for information about the Jes Extender and indeed other penis extenders in the market, one of the things that you will find is that it is one of the fastest workers in the market. But is that true?

Well, who is to say it is not? They say that as soon as within 7 days, you will have started to notice changes in your penis size.

That is not all! It seems that the entire penis traction thing also enhances the longevity of intercourse and improves the sex quality.

Jes Extender Overview

You do not just want the penis to grow, but you also want to keep it strong forever. To help you in that regard is the Jes Extender, one of the highly recommended penis extender devices in the market.

With more than 20 years in the market, this product is still as effective as when it came out into the market the first time in Denmark.

It is indeed one of the first, popular penis extenders to come into the market. Today, it has the fame of being one of the fastest-working extenders in the market.

What started out as a therapy tool for men who had undergone penis surgery has become quite a revolution. We can say that it has set the trend for non-invasive, non-surgical and non-pill male enhancement.

How Jes Extender Works

This is a traction device for penile growth. By the use of the word traction, we mean it stretches the penis muscles slowly and painlessly to increase in the girth and length of your member.

The slow and steady stretching of the penis muscles over a logn time causes the tissue to break and create a gap. In return, new cells have to grow to plug the gap left by the tears in the tissues.

The process by which stretching the muscles causes cell movement is called cytokinesis. The cytoplasm of one cell divides into two twin cells. The cells are identical, but each has its own nucleus. In a nutshell, this is how muscles grow.

How To Use Jes Extender

First, this tool has a few important parts, which make it very simple to use. There is support for the head, a ring for the base, and two arms that run on each side of the penis to connect the head support and the base ring.

Just place your flacid penis in the device and secure it. You need to feel a comfortable tension when you are done. You can then wear it for several hours a day. You can let the muscles recover at night.

Read the user manual. It has a step-by-step guide on how to wear a penis extender.

It can help with all penis sizesFeels bulky in the first few days
You can wear it for long hours without discomfortRequires you to be patient but the results are permanent
It helps with penile curvaturePlatinum package is very costly
It is non-invasive and non-surgical 
This extender can last a long time 

Where To Buy It

You can buy this product from here . If you spend at least $100, you get free shipping for Canada and the USA.

It comes in different packages that are as follows:

Light Standard – This one has protective pad, strap, DVD, elongation bars, base unit, double function front piece and it is suitable for men whose penile size is 9 inches or higher.

Original Standard Comfort – It is best for men whose penile sizes are 6 to 7 inches. It also has a set of keys for security.

Titanium – In addition to the above packages, you get a 24-month warranty.

Silver Standard – In addition to what you get in the above packages, you also get comfort pads, soft attachment bars, silicone tube, cohesive gauze and a warranty of 5 years.

Gold Standard – This is encased in gold.

Platinum – It is coated in platinum and comes with certification for proof. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty.

5. X4 Labs – One of the Best Penis Extender with Quad Support

With almost two decades in the market, the X4 Labs Penis Extender has simply gotten better with time. A lot of research and product development has gone into this product and you can be sure you are investing in a high quality product that can truly enlarge and lengthen your penis.

The manufacturer says that more than 1 million people have used this product successfully. That could be just hype but we know that this is a tested and proven product.

X4 Labs Penis Extender Overview

Does X4 Labs work?

This is a penile extender meaning that it lengthens. However, it also increases the width of the penis. Therefore, do not be surprised if you notice some girth increase as well. It is made with high quality, medical-grade material. It is light in weight and you do not feel the bulkiness even when you wear a pair of trousers.

This is an FDA approved and CE certified device. It comes in different models so that you can choose the one that meets your budget. 

How It Works

The X4 Labs penis extender works in a similar manner as the other extenders in the market. However, what makes it different from the others is that it is more refined in the way it works. It works by exerting steady tension to the penis muscles.

In its structure, it has tension springs, extension rods and tension springs which all work together to exert pressure. This tool uses a patented technology (Hybrid Traction) to give more traction for permanent size increment and more blood circulation to the penis. By design, it does not have belts and straps.

The penis is supported in 4 different places.

How To Use It

There is a detailed user manual that details the step-by-step process of using this extender. There is the base ring that goes to the base of the penis, there are middle support rings and another one goes to support the head.

There are two extender rods running on the sides of the penis. Tension springs and rods are available so that you can adjust the tension that you want to exert over your penis. Clearly, X4 is a well thought-out product that leaves little to be desired.

Packaged discreetly so no one will know what you are up toDoes not come with a storage bag or box
Medical-grade material (metal and plastic)High cost
Different packages like Gold Luxury, Deluxe, Premium and so on 
Excellent quad support – support in 4 places 
Minimalist design without straps, belts and so on 

Where To Buy X4 Labs Penile Extender

You can buy this product on Official website . There are different packages available starting at $666.59 without discount. There is a 12-month money back guarantee but before asking for a refund, you should have used it for at least 6 months.


After reading this article on the best penis extender reviews, you are now ready to get the best one. Some are affordable and some, like the Quick Extender Pro can be quite extravagant without discounts.

Do extenders increase erect length? In fact they do. In addition, they also enhance the quality of your erections and the amount of blood flowing to your penis.

When buying a male extender, consider the simplicity of design, comfort and weight since you will have to wear it even to work.

The success rate should be high enough, say, more than 90%. If it can correct curvature, take it.

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